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If you wish to apply for the Spanish or Portuguese citizenship through, our work system is divided into 5 steps:

  • Candidate interview
  • Payment to folder opening
  • Collection of Proofs
  • Application submission
  • Resolution of case
  • To next, we will explain you each one of them


Before to accepting your application, it is necessary to be sure and know the possibilities that you have to apply successfully for the Portuguese or Spanish citizenship. For this, one of our agents will conduct an interview where you will be asked for the relevant information in accordance with the requirements of the Portuguese or Spanish citizenship application.


In case that our team confirms your ability to apply for any of the citizenships, to continue, you will have to pay the opening cost of the folder.

The total cost of the citizenship process (less the cost of issuance, translation and legalization of crime sheets or birth certificates, etc.) is of € 2,750 (portuguese citizenship) / € 2,000 (spanish citizenship) + VAT (VAT required only for residents in Israel). However, if it’s required, it is possible to offer payment facilities, for more information regarding the terms and methods of payment, please contact us.

After receiving the payment for the opening of the folder, our team will ask you to provide us with the information and copy of the

documentation that we need to prepare your application. The required documentation, may vary between each applicant, but we will indicate what type of evidences and documents are those that apply specifically to your case.


After having finished the analysis phase, and after having prepared the application with the required documents, we will send your request to the relevant authorities, and we will inform you as soon as we receive an official response.

From the moment that we receive the answer of the authorities about your request, what remains is to wait for the authorities to carry out the internal procedures, this period of time can be up to 18 months some of the cases in relevance to the Government of Spain, or 30 months for the cases presented and delivered to the Government of Portugal.

NOTE, offers a guarantee of success to candidates who apply for their citizenship through us, except in cases where the candidate that has stained criminal records or when the application is submitted to the Government of Spain.