In this section, we will include the most popular queries that our clients have sent us:

1.- Does the law apply only to Jewish Sephardim?

No. But being Jewish, allows for the possibility of obtaining the certificates of their community and the Rabbinate more easily. If your father or grandfather is of Sephardic Jewish descent, you can also process your file, or if you have surnames that are usually used at the Sephardic communities, it’s also possible to apply and after to conduct the respective investigations of your genealogical tree.

2.- Can I do the paperwork at the Consulate of Spain or Portugal?

Depending on the type of procedure and the consulate in which you’d want to apply. Anyhow, the main part of the process is not conducted at the consulates since the application should be sent directly to the ministries.

3.- Where should I ask for the Sephardic certificate?

Usually you can ask it at the Jewish community in your city. But, if for some reason, the community is not willing to provide you with the certificate, we can assist you, after evaluating your case, to get the necessary certificate in order apply to the respective process.

4.- My last name is included in the list of Sephardic names, but I am not Jewish. Can I apply for Spanish nationality?

The Sephardic family name is just a good sign that means that you could apply for the respective citizenship isn’t enough to proceed solely off its basis. You must provide a motivated study which was conducted by a professional who certifies that your surname and that the surname of some of your parents belongs to the Sephardic lineage. And even then, it will not be enough, because it will need to be accompanied by more evidence. For that reason, we recommend you contact us to check if you have the capacity to apply or not for any of the legislations available.

5.- If only one of the parents is Sephardic Jewish, how does the procedure apply to the Sephardic parent and their children?

If one of the parents are Sephardic, their children or descendants have the right to apply to the Sephardic citizenship. Please note, that the law is not taking into consideration religious concepts, that is why it’s important to get in contact with professionals that can advise you correctly about the performance of your request in the best way possible.
If you would like to receive our assistance, please contact us.

6.- If we want to apply to the Spanish citizenship, is necessary to travel to Spain to get the citizenship?

With difference to Portugal, the Spanish legislation requests the candidates that are over 18 years old, to travel to Spain to sign the application in front of a local notary. In the case of Portugal, is not necessary to travel to the country to get the citizenship.

7.- How long can the whole process take?

In the case of the applicants for the Spanish citizenship, the process should take up 15 – 18 months approximately.  In the case of the applicants for the Portuguese citizenship, the process should take up 24 – 30 months approximately. Even so, the main advantage of having a Portuguese citizenship, are the facilities and guarantees that this process offers in comparation with the Spanish legislation, to get more details about this and further advise, please contact us.

8.- When does the mandatory test of cultural and constitutional knowledge be submitted?

The Spanish test can be taken at the main capitals of the world. We can assist you with the necessary lessons for facing these tests, if you want more details about this topic and get a better advise, please contact us.